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Hackathon 2.0 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

This week, we celebrated the judging of the month-long Dina Wind Power of Art Hackathon at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. During pay-what-you-wish Wednesday nights in April, different teams came together to create games that utilized the Museum’s iBeacon technology and data from its art collection. Jake O’Brien of Flyclops and Shawn Pierre of Origaminc […]

Here’s what went down at Philly Game Jam 2016

It’s unusually warm outside for November 19th, and most of Philadelphia is seizing the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy it. Instead, a slew of developers and creatives are packing their sleeping bags and laptops and cramming into the office space of Webjunto in Northern Liberties. This is the weekend of the Philly Game Jam: an annual 24-hour marathon jam […]

What If? Jam

For the October jam at Dev Night, we were hosted by another special guest. Jake Vander Ende (Spriteborne) normally makes the beautiful engraved wood plaques that we give out to jam winners. This month, he had the opportunity to curate the theme as well as the prize. Jake based the jam theme on what-if.xkcd.com. The site has 150 unique questions; like “How […]

Dev Night Games Sweep Nominations for 2016 Philly Geek Awards

The Philly Geek Awards, first held in 2011, highlight outstanding achievements in Philadelphia’s geek community. For the past 5 years, they’ve honored a myriad of comics, films, makers, missions, startups, and much more. This year, the three nominees for “Game of the Year” were all games created within our very own community. In fact, two of them […]

Toy Jam

This past month at Dev Night, we shook things up a little! With the help of Mila Pokorny, our guest jam-runner, 9 teams responded to an unusual theme: make a non-game. Or, a better word for “non-game” that gets the kids all riled up: a TOY! A fun, interactive object or digital piece that has no win conditions […]