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Mila Pokorny: I Taught at TechniGals STEAM Camp and It Was Awesome

Mila Pokorny is a longtime Dev Night regular and volunteer. She’s an adjunct professor at Moore College, art director at Deerfox Games, and has previously done work for Quadratron Games at the late Philly Game Forge. Supporters of our Patreon might recognize her work from our awesome monthly art packs, which she organizes and donates her artwork […]

What Happened to Dev Night?

On July 1, Philly Dev Night officially became homeless. The Philly Game Forge, a coworking space meant to foster support and collaboration between local indie game studios, closed its doors. You may have read about it in Tech Philly, or even on Engadget. If you visit 239 Chestnut Street now, you’ll find that the old […]

ICJ2 Winners

Philly Dev Night reprised its 1-night analog only Iron Chef jam for the second year in a row this month! While most of our monthly jams allow participants to work on their games for 2 weeks, in any format, with any materials imaginable, the Iron Chef jam is different. We took some pointers from TV […]

Regular Spotlight: Braden

For the first of many regular spotlights, it seemed fit to approach of one of the most interesting people you can find in the room on any particular Thursday: Cipher Prime’s newest protégé, Braden. ​If you’ve been to Dev Night over the past several months, you’ve probably heard Braden showing off a piece of music during show and tell. He keeps […]

Cipher Prime releases TAILWIND: PROLOGUE

If you’ve stopped by Dev Night over the past 3 months, chances are you’ve heard Will Stallwood or Dain Saint presenting their weekly updates on Cipher Prime’s upcoming game. And making lots of changes. And becoming more and more sleep deprived each week. Well, this week, we celebrated the end of that!   TAILWIND: PROLOGUE is here, and […]

Breaker Blocks @ SXSW Results

Attention festival hopefuls, analog game developers, and anyone interested in what goes on at SXSW: Jake Vander Ende has returned from competing in Austin!!! If anyone’s curious how his weekend went, he wrote an extensive reflection on the whole experience. Check it out here on Jake’s blog. We’re feeling smarter already after reading these observations and […]

Jen Tracy, Woman in DOTA

We are celebrating a regular Philly dev night jammer, Jen Tracy, on her new interview with Playboy magazine! Jen is a fantastic artist and illustrator. She developed a fun analog game for our January 2016 jam, and also participated in February’s Global jam. Now she’s gaining notoriety for her twitter, @WomanInDOTA, which she uses to call out sexism […]

Breaker Blocks nominated for SXSW

Our very own Jake Vander Ende, talented game dev and laser-cutting craftsman, will be featured in the 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards! Jake created Breaker Blocks in 2015 for one of Philly Dev Night’s monthly game jams. It’s a great game! It’s available for print-and-play on itch.io!! You can donate to Jake’s gofundme to help him get to Austin.