Regular Spotlight: Braden

For the first of many regular spotlights, it seemed fit to approach of one of the most interesting people you can find in the room on any particular Thursday:

Cipher Prime’s newest protégé, Braden.

​If you’ve been to Dev Night over the past several months, you’ve probably heard Braden showing off a piece of music during show and tell. He keeps other regulars twice his age on their toes, and always seems to be working on something new with glowing enthusiasm. So we asked him a few questions!

What kind of work do you make? Can we see/hear it? 

Braden: “I do lots of music related things, although I only discovered what I could do in garageband about a few months ago. To me, its just really fun and I definitely have a habit of staying up until 1AM trying to work on a new project or loop every week.
Check out some of my first projects!”

​Who are your musical influences?

Braden: “Well, my dad for one. He used to create music for other groups and I kind of take from that and do the same thing in garageband. I also listen to other old school music and also try to pay attention to new music—the chord patterns especially. I try to incorporate what I hear into my projects with my own twist on it. I also appreciate the Philly Game Forge because they inspire me to make music creation a habit, because I always want to show them something new every week. It’s a great motivator when you find a place where you can feel appreciated for what you do and enjoy. It’s a great community!”

​Where are you from?

Braden: “I’m from Broomall (Woo, represent!). I have lived there for around eight years after my first house caught fire and we moved out. Most of the stuff I do is in the Philly area, so I’m used to (and actually prefer) being in the city.”

​What brought you to Dev Night?

Braden: “I first heard about it from my mom, when we were looking for cool places to do stuff around the city and it popped up. I’ve always loved games, so when I heard “Game Forge”, I was like, ‘Mom, do we have gas in the car?'”

Why do you keep coming back?

Braden: “I keep coming back because it’s a great place to be and the people are awesome. The show-and-tell on Thursdays drives me to show something every week, and I also really like watching what other people show off.”

What’s your favorite game?

Braden: “I’d say my favorite game by default is ​ Spiral Knights–and this is simply because I’ve put so much time into it that it’s required that I say it’s the best. 
Other than that, I’d say my next favorite game would be either ​ Terraria  or  Towerfall, because I enjoy pixel games a lot, and even more when the look is simplistic but there’s more to it than a game like ​Flappy Bird​.”


Braden recently started an internship with the guys at Cipher Prime. He recently showed off an original song that samples Dev Knight Jake O’Brien‘s name. He also just came up with a new, materials-free analog game that he’s been eager to play test with folks at the forge! Be sure to say hi the next time you stop by.

Iron Chef Jam 2

This month we are reprising Iron Chef Jam, a jam that produced one of the nuttiest nights in Dev Night history when we held it last year. Here’s some video highlights:

Iron chef jam is an analog-only, one night jam where teams make games in two hours using only a set of provided materials and a mandatory “secret ingredient”. Due to time constraints for judging, the games must also be able to be explained and played in by the 5 judges in a short amount of time.

This will all take place on Thursday the 21st, starting at 8pm.


Because of time limitations, we have to limit the number of teams to 6. And we need teams to sign up ahead of time. So,
- If you have a team: let me know your team name and members, on the google group or in person
- If you want to be on a team: introduce yourself on the google group
- If you have room on your team: let people know on the google group

Recommended team size is 3-5 people. You can go larger if you are confident your team can work well together, but being creative in a short amount of time with a big group is challenging.


Cipher Prime releases TAILWIND: PROLOGUE

If you’ve stopped by Dev Night over the past 3 months, chances are you’ve heard Will Stallwood or Dain Saint presenting their weekly updates on Cipher Prime’s upcoming game. And making lots of changes. And becoming more and more sleep deprived each week.

Well, this week, we celebrated the end of that!


TAILWIND: PROLOGUE is here, and it’s stunning!



“You are the last survivor of an alien invasion that has all but destroyed your homeworld. Barely escaping the atmosphere in your ship, the Keravnós, you realize you don’t have enough fuel to survive. You are going to die. Well, if this is your time, you might as well spend it doing what you do best: aerial ballet! Rain from the heavens as a bolt of lightning in one final blaze of glory.”


T:P was released exclusively to subscribers of Humble Bundle‘s April edition.
Check out the trailer on Youtube! 

If you’re bummed that you didn’t snag a copy, you can always stop by Dev Night for a chance to demo the game!

Also, have a look at the rest of Cipher Prime’s games. But whatever you do, don’t bother Will or Dain.

They’re sleeping.




Breaker Blocks @ SXSW Results

Attention festival hopefuls, analog game developers, and anyone interested in what goes on at SXSW: Jake Vander Ende has returned from competing in Austin!!!

If anyone’s curious how his weekend went, he wrote an extensive reflection on the whole experience. Check it out here on Jake’s blog.

We’re feeling smarter already after reading these observations and tips for future festival participants!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.00.13 PM

Frenemy Jam

We played and judged the contenders for March’s jam: Frenemy!

There was a broad range of analog and digital games this month, including blind knights and singing swords, jousting BMX bikes, and a game about the New York mafia!

IMG_0809 IMG_0812 IMG_0815 7oqjIb

The winner: Hug or Thug by Jim White, Sophie Triska, and Crystal Vu!



We now host the games from every jam online!!!

Frenemy games are here. 

The rest of Philly Dev Night’s games are archived here.


Jen Tracy, Woman in DOTA

We are celebrating a regular Philly dev night jammer, Jen Tracy, on her new interview with Playboy magazine!

Jen is a fantastic artist and illustrator. She developed a fun analog game for our January 2016 jam, and also participated in February’s Global jam. Now she’s gaining notoriety for her twitter, @WomanInDOTA, which she uses to call out sexism in online multiplayer games.


See more of Jen’s work here.



2015 Jammies

We hosted our first-ever retrospective award ceremony!


The most unique and remarkable games from 2015 were honored with a series of special awards. We brought back all of last year’s jam winners, played, reminisced, and voted on our game of the year.

image image



Dirtiest Pixel: Ghost Crab Games

Hipster Hallmark: Breaker Blocks by Jake Vander Ende

l33t h4cker Award: Legion Defender by Matthew Findlater

The One That Got Away: Riposte by Camden Segal

Jake Is The Enemy: Labyrinthrope by Jake O’Brien

Looking The Devil In The Face: Power Jacker Defense by Aaron Chapin

Taking It All The Way: Resistor by Cardboard Fortress

Fucking Finally: Show Off by Shawn Pierre

Best Kids’ Game: Monster Want Burger by Cipher Prime

Loneliest Lovehouse: Lonely Lighthouse by Steve Pettit & Rachel Stine

Rookies of the Year: It’s Alive! by Corey Arnold, Gregory Martin & Tabitha Arnold

WTF?: Crabmando by Ghost Crab Games

GAME OF THE YEAR: Aaron’s Quest by Kotaro Fujita, Edward Ganges, Chris LaPollo & Bryan Pham

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.14.04 AM


Kotaro, Edward, and Chris with the jammies hammy

Congrats, guys!!! The grand prize was smashing an ouya remote with the new custom laser engraved ceremonial sledgehammer.


We also worked hard in February to archive the awesome games created here at the Forge in past jams! Check out the winning games, and many more, at the link:

Philly Dev Night jam retrospective

Screenshot 2016-03-09 at 4.48.28 PM

Nicole Kline: “Women Making Games”

Local analog game developer and Dev Knight Nicole Kline has some sage advice for women who are curious about working in games.
She appeared on a panel at Moore College alongside fellow designers Alison Carrier, Kat Webster, and Amanda Renfroe. Cheers to them for providing special insight into what has long been a male-dominated field!

(Nicole on the left)
If you missed it:

Philly Voice has a summary of the talk.

Moore College has the whole thing on their Youtube channel.