Cipher Prime releases TAILWIND: PROLOGUE

If you’ve stopped by Dev Night over the past 3 months, chances are you’ve heard Will Stallwood or Dain Saint presenting their weekly updates on Cipher Prime’s upcoming game. And making lots of changes. And becoming more and more sleep deprived each week.

Well, this week, we celebrated the end of that!


TAILWIND: PROLOGUE is here, and it’s stunning!



“You are the last survivor of an alien invasion that has all but destroyed your homeworld. Barely escaping the atmosphere in your ship, the Keravnós, you realize you don’t have enough fuel to survive. You are going to die. Well, if this is your time, you might as well spend it doing what you do best: aerial ballet! Rain from the heavens as a bolt of lightning in one final blaze of glory.”


T:P was released exclusively to subscribers of Humble Bundle‘s April edition.
Check out the trailer on Youtube! 

If you’re bummed that you didn’t snag a copy, you can always stop by Dev Night for a chance to demo the game!

Also, have a look at the rest of Cipher Prime’s games. But whatever you do, don’t bother Will or Dain.

They’re sleeping.



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