Toy Jam

This past month at Dev Night, we shook things up a little! With the help of Mila Pokorny, our guest jam-runner, 9 teams responded to an unusual theme: make a non-game.

Or, a better word for “non-game” that gets the kids all riled up: a TOY! A fun, interactive object or digital piece that has no win conditions or rules. And, boy, could we toy. I’m talking, a farm animal sound generator for sex noises, a scrap foam airplane assemblage puzzle, a music generator simulated by racing cars-really, we had fun!




The winner - Jason! His virtual toy, Animal Magnetism, generated toy animals into a field that could be dragged and tossed all over the place, sticking together in a weird world that will surely keep you occupied for hours.



Play all of the submissions from Toy Jam here!

Our ever-growing archive of all Philly Dev Night jam games is here.


Donte Kirby, a writer from Philly, visited us during this jam judging and published an awesome write-up of the entire experience. Read it here!

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