Iron Chef Jam 2

This month we are reprising Iron Chef Jam, a jam that produced one of the nuttiest nights in Dev Night history when we held it last year. Here’s some video highlights:

Iron chef jam is an analog-only, one night jam where teams make games in two hours using only a set of provided materials and a mandatory “secret ingredient”. Due to time constraints for judging, the games must also be able to be explained and played in by the 5 judges in a short amount of time.

This will all take place on Thursday the 21st, starting at 8pm.


Because of time limitations, we have to limit the number of teams to 6. And we need teams to sign up ahead of time. So,
- If you have a team: let me know your team name and members, on the google group or in person
- If you want to be on a team: introduce yourself on the google group
- If you have room on your team: let people know on the google group

Recommended team size is 3-5 people. You can go larger if you are confident your team can work well together, but being creative in a short amount of time with a big group is challenging.


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