Juice Jam

Welcome to Juice Jam.

The goal of the jam this month is to take the classic game of Breakout and make it as shiny and polished as possible. Rather than focusing on the design of game mechanics, we’re focusing on the design of game feel. Juice is more than just visual and aural fireworks, its how alive and responsive the game feels to the player. Its about voice and personality. But yeah, its also about looking and sounding as sexy as hell. Games will be judged on how well they accompish all these things.

You are free to start from scratch or from one of the template projects linked below. You are free to use Asset Store or other third party art, animations, audio and other assets. This is more an exercise in choices and composition than production.


I’m guessing Breakout is a pretty understood, but, for clarity, I’ve tried to spec it out below. If there are any issues with this, please let me know:

  • Player controlled paddle that moves along a single axis
  • A pattern of blocks that must be destroyed to beat the level
  • Predictably moving ball(s) that destroys blocks and is deflected by paddle and environment
  • Out of bounds area behind paddle that costs the player a life

Starter Projects (Unity)

I cleaned up the Tuts+ project below, stripped the assets, and fixed a controls bug. It’s not the best, but it was the best I could find. Get it here:

GameDev Tuts+ (series)
Unity Tutorial



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