What If? Jam

For the October jam at Dev Night, we were hosted by another special guest. Jake Vander Ende (Spriteborne) normally makes the beautiful engraved wood plaques that we give out to jam winners. This month, he had the opportunity to curate the theme as well as the prize.

Jake based the jam theme on what-if.xkcd.com. The site has 150 unique questions; like “How long would it take for a single person to fill up an entire swimming pool with their own saliva?” or, “How long could the human race survive on only cannibalism?

He challenged participants to respond to one of the questions with a game.

The resulting entries, including a personal narrative about being a cyborg, and a man with one beefy leg trying to get to work, made us laugh and cry.


The winners were a team composed of Moore College students Judie Thai and Dominique Evans, along with Rachel Hwang, Almando Santos, and Emanuel Whittington. Based on the prompt: “What if your food came to life when you cooked it?” They developed the multiplayer clicker game, Food Fight!




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As always, you can browse and play games from Philly Dev Night’s itch.io archive here.

Wanna jam with us? Meet us at G-Team Internet Cafe on 1010 Cherry St. on Thursday, November 3rd to learn the theme for November’s jam and find teammates to collaborate with. All are welcome!