ICJ2 Winners

Philly Dev Night reprised its 1-night analog only Iron Chef jam for the second year in a row this month!

While most of our monthly jams allow participants to work on their games for 2 weeks, in any format, with any materials imaginable, the Iron Chef jam is different. We took some pointers from TV cooking competitions like Cutthroat Kitchen, where ingredients are limited and contestants are allowed to “sabotage” each other for the win. We were also inspired to bring in a squadron of local celebrity judges.

So, what was the result?

The secret ingredient-hula hoops-was revealed, and each of the 6 teams was required to include one in their game. We jammed for 1.5 hours, stopping only to sabotage other teams with frightening extra challenges, like working with socks on our hands or completing the game in a dark closet.



At the end of the jam, our panel of judges played each game. Judges included Lakota Theas of Autism Expressed, Kyle Turk (DJ of Philly’s Voyeur and Woody‘s), local artist Jilly Appleheimer,  and Chris Wink of Tech Philly.

Finally, after a long and wild judging process, the clock struck midnight and we announced the winners: Adam Gross, Shan Hasan, Darryl Spencer, Alex & Andrew! Their game involved a chain of people moving through a hula hoop like circus performers. Congrats, everyone!


author’s note: ICJ is only one letter off from ICP.

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